About us

PB Alliance represents a successful and long-lasting initiative of young courageous and visionary people, achieving now the market leader position in Romania, with an experience of 15 years in selling paper and board products from leading and worldwide renowned manufacturers.

Our know-how, high quality products and high level of services recommend us as a reliable partner for a various customers portfolio including publishers, printers, merchants, packaging producers and converters, as well as for top paper and board producers.

Throughout the years we have constantly focused on customers’ and market demand, adjusting all the time our approach and services to the latest needs, trends, our main goal being to offer not only good products and excellent services, but also customized solutions.

Nowadays, we can proudly say that we are considered one of the most trustworthy sales companies in the local printing and packaging industry, with a very good awareness of our products and brands.

In the same time, we currently have expanded our sales focus also on some strategic neighboring markets.

Last, but not least, our people are the added value of our company as we are a team of young professionals, passionate and dedicated to their daily responsibilities, customer oriented and open minded.